4 Reasons Why You Can Lower Blood Pressure Even if it's in Your Genetics

Have you ever felt defeated from trying everything but still having high blood pressure?

Are genetics to blame?

Yep, they definitely play a role...

...However, I've reviewed over 30 studies showing that your blood pressure can be lowered naturally even if it's in your genetics and help you use less medications.

In this episode of The Lower Numbers Show you'll learn:

  • 4 reasons why you can still lower you blood pressure naturally even if one parent or both parents have high blood pressure

  • What simple exercise can prevent high blood pressure by 40% even if it's in your genetics

  • A healthy lifestyle score that brings numbers down

  • The dramatic dietary change results without cutting sodium and without weight loss

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Have you been able to see results with exercise, lifestyle changes, or diet changes even if your parents had high blood pressure? Tell me in the comments below.