Motivation Monday: Get Off the Crutches Holding You Back From Living A Long Healthy Life

I really enjoy listening to books and podcasts while driving in the car, cleaning the house, walking, or biking it’s honestly the thing that gets me motivated because I know I’ll learn something or be inspired.  

I realized that I learn best by listening and I thought well if I enjoy that maybe you will too.

So I’m adding some special content to mix up my usual weekly educational posts with some inspiring (hopefully) and empowering audio.


Listen up if:

  1. Your blood pressure and/or blood sugar have been creeping up and you and your doctor are watching them

  2. Your newly diagnosed with high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes or both but haven’t started medications yet

  3. You’ve just started medications for high blood pressure diabetes or both

Listen by clicking the play button below or click here to listen on SoundCloud.

In this audio, I share with you a story about how my husband was able to get off his crutches after ACL surgery.

Crutches are amazing devices created to maintain our ability to walk when something is preventing us from walking on our own.

We have to put the work in, go to physical therapy, and do the exercises to work to get off the crutches or we could get stuck on them and not be able to get off.

If your numbers are high or your taking medications WITHOUT putting in the work to reverse or prevent things from getting worse, you might be stuck on crutches. Here are some examples.

Potential mindset crutches that are holding us back:

  1. Thinking your diagnosis is a death sentence

  2. Thinking that if your dad and his dad had it then it must be genetic so there’s nothing you can do

  3. Thinking that medication alone will fix it. Just take these meds and you’ll be fine.

If you are thinking any of these, I challenge you to change your perspective.

The difference between crutches after ACL surgery and mindset crutches after a new diagnosis is having the belief that you are capable of getting off the crutches.

Believe that you are capable to learn the necessary skills that can actually change your life and reverse or prevent your diagnosis from getting worse.

See how easy it is to believe that after ACL surgery you can do physical therapy and get off crutches and walk on your own


After a routine doctor’s appointment you find out your blood pressure and A1C are high which classifying you has having high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. So you change your lifestyle and after a few months you go to a follow up appointment and your numbers are back to normal and you no longer have high blood pressure or diabetes.

Do you fully believe in the capability of the two scenarios?

Why not?

If any of the 3 mindset crutches I mentioned above is a part of why you don’t think you aren’t capable of that, then I challenge you to think about :

  1. Why do you want to live a long healthy life?

  2. How- what skills do you need to learn to get started today? How to eat, what to eat, what to do? How to manage stress and anxiety?

  3. Ask for help if you don’t have those skills yet or if it’s overwhelming deciphering what to do on your own.

My mission is to empower you, motivate you, support you, and hold you accountable to helping you live your longest healthiest life not just in good health but thriving health.

So what I’ve done is I’ve set aside some time over the next 2 weeks to speak with you personally about how I can support you to get your numbers lower within the next 12 weeks.

While I’m certainly not the only health coach, there are lots of other people doing it which is great… but I’m the best at working with people with high blood pressure who also want to get their other numbers on track and lose belly fat without medications. I’ve transformed my client’s lives and you could be next.

First off, the call is free because this is my mission in life, literally my life’s work is to support people who want to get their health under control to get lower numbers in a way that doesn’t involve medications. I have a core value in my business where I offer value first. I start off just by helping you on the call.

I know that I can help you overcome some of the barriers that have been stopping you from achieving lower numbers in a super short period of time.

Second, I know that there are many of you reading this who want more personalized support and accountability. If you are someone who knows that in order for you to succeed you need that support and accountability then great, we can discuss next steps on the call to determine IF you are a right fit to for my coaching program.

And if not, that’s completely ok. You’ll leave the call with so much value, clarity, and confidence about what steps to take next to get your health on track.

There is ONE catch though… if you are looking for a quick fix or a magic pill so to speak, a way to lower numbers where you don’t care if it supports lowering inflammation, balanced blood sugar, and healthy habits this call isn’t for you.

So if you are unclear on how to move forward. Unclear on the skills you need to learn or need accountability and support then book a free Blood Pressure Strategy Session.

You’ll fill out a form and once you submit the form you’ll be given a link to my online scheduler.

Schedule your call now.