Coenzyme Q 10 for High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, & Cholesterol Review & Recommendations

Have you wondered whether Coenzyme Q 10 or CoQ 10 should be added to your supplement regimen to lower blood pressure, blood sugar, or cholesterol?

The supplement isle can be quite daunting. In this 2 part video series, I show you exactly which Coenzyme Q 10 supplement to get and why.

I also reveal my recommendation of whether to take Coenzyme Q 10 for high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

It may not be what you think. Watch and find out and then share your experience in the comments below.

coenzymeq 10 for high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol

Coenzyme Q 10 Part 1:

Coenzyme Q 10 Part 2:

What you’ll learn

  • Whether a CoQ 10 supplement is for you

  • What is the research behind the use of CoQ10 and high blood pressure, diabetes, or cholesterol

  • Does the addition of CoQ 10 help with:

    • Lowering blood pressure

    • Lowering blood sugar in prediabetes and type 2 diabetes

    • Lowering LDL cholesterol

  • My professional pharmacist recommendation

  • Dietary sources of CoQ 10

  • Is liquid CoQ 10 better?

  • USP Verified supplement brand & what that means

  • Supplement Recommendation: Nature Made Coenzyme Q 10 100 mg twice daily.

I also created a brand NEW checklist to help you get started lowering blood pressure naturally with lifestyle changes.

Supplements work best when they are ‘supplemental’ to the lifestyle changes that you’ve already made… I think I made that clear in this video. =)

I know those changes can be confusing so I made a simple beginner checklist on the top 10 lifestyle changes that can be made today to see your numbers go down and included a 7-day meal plan to give you a jump start.

Do you use CoQ 10? Has it helped you? What is your experience like with taking the supplement?